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luni, 1 iulie 2013

The Waiting

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There is something beautiful about waking before the sun does. A quiet that is deeper than any other hour is to be found here, willing to bear with you as you dig deeper still into the Word, talking to the One who who created the stillness of this moment, the One who waits eagerly that you may find it. Hot tea is good company, snuggled down deep in a down comforter, reading the ancient words of Isaiah, knowing that the minutes are flying by too fast and soon, the day will force you out of bed, out of the stillness, but for now, tea and a prophet are the best of company.

Words fill the air, making it fat with promises. The veil seems to lift or at least, the assurance of much is firm. Not seeing what He does in the unseen is beautiful in the deep of now. Not seeing what He does in the unseen out of this moment, when the day has come in ushering with it all the world would have you believe, holding onto the deep and stillness of these hours before the sun has risen and holding fast unto these promises, this will be the test. Yet, the waiting is sweet in the moment of now. The knowing is strong. For the sweet aroma of all He is fills all we are when our days begin in the quiet with Him. Filled with the knowledge and fragrance of Him and carrying it with us into our day, this is what diminishes all the world's lies. This is what makes knowledge of what He is doing stronger and stronger still.

The waiting. The holding unto the facts of how He has been faithful before in our moments. Clinging to a promise that He will above all else come through for all our moments in the future, despite what doubts scream in the logic of day. To wait upon your God is not doing nothing, but indeed to wait upon Him is to do everything. Hard? Yes. Absolutely. Worth it? More than you can imagine. For we are so easily satisfied with stones when He would give us rubies. Waiting will test the tensile strength of courage that He is working in our souls. Waiting requires being deaf to words said like, "I would just hate to see you miss your chance." As if we can "miss a chance" as if our lives will suddenly be irrevocably off course if we don't steer the ship for a while, for obviously He cannot steer our ships without a little help from our hands! No! He needs neither our help to guide nor will He allow a chance to be missed if we are surrendered to Him. It's as ridiculous as believing the sun will not rise without our help this morning. For if our God can raise the sun each morning in the sky, He is more than capable of bringing about His most perfect plan in our lives if we're willing to wait on Him. 

Take heart, the wait is creating a dependance on your God, a beautiful relationship and trust with Jesus, that will only serve to prepare and equip you for all He would have you do in the future. Is it hard? Good. For that which is the hardest is what works the deepest of changes in our lives.

For now, the waiting is what I am called to. To gaze into His eyes, fixing my eyes no where else but on His, knowing with perfect assurance that He is faithful, is all I need do. Nothing more or less than this. The waiting is everything.

Light is beginning to break over the mountains. The hazy blue of morning whispers of the day following, of life that is soon to be met, work needing to be accomplished, people seen, and words spoken. But, the sweetness of time spent in these deepest of hours has settled into my soul, never long enough, and will go with me into the day. And this time will change who I am in this day. For meeting with Him before the day begins changes everything. Always.

"'The Lord is my portion,' says my soul. Therefore I have hope in Him. The Lord is good to those who wait for Him, to the person who seeks Him. It is good that he waits silently for the salvation of the Lord."
-Lamentations 3:24-26

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